PEICHER World Wide Stock

World first! A digital market place for used US import cars.

The world is changing. The digitalization proceeds.
Buying cars online? Nothing exciting anymore.
Browsing cars out of a international stock and import at the touch of a button? Doesn’t excist.

PEICHER US-Cars presents World Wide Stock: Buying used US-cars from overseas has never been easier.

Get access to PEICHER’s exclusive dealer network with World Wide Stock! Browse international US-cars just like a conventional vehicle marketplace. PEICHER makes sure you get the best deal: prices of all incurring costs are being calculated in real time. As usual, PEICHER takes care of all the complex import steps that stand between you and your dream car. That includes a 1-year warranty as well as homologation for the european market.

The World Wide Stock mainly features US import vehicle models starting from 2015 with a maximum milage of 50.000. That includes used muscle cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger as well as pick-ups like the GMC Sierra and the Toyota Tundra. Have fun browsing!

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